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Quayside View Studios, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3RH, United Kingdom 

Prices from £82,000 |  Fixed returns agreed for the first five years

Quayside View Studios offers a fantastic student property investment opportunity in the heart of Newcastle.

Why invest in student accomodation?

The UK is a global leader in education with nearly 500,000 UK applicants each year as well as being one of the top destinations for international students.

In recent years the student property market has ballooned with investors significantly increasing funds into the sector. This has transformed it from a niche venture into one of the most attractive and lucrative investment asset classes available.

UK student property investment in 2013-14 was worth £3 billion but since 2015 it has increased by more than 100% and continues to grow at a significant rate.

There is already a huge demand for student accommodation across the UK and students are increasingly looking for high quality accommodation and lifestyle whilst parents want their children to have the best possible learning experience and environment.

Purpose-built student accommodation delivers a safe and well-equipped environment which provides a space to study and socialise, creating demand not from just home-grown students but the ever-growing international student base who come to study in the UK.


Top performing asset class


Low cost of entry


Hassle-free & hands-off


Proven model high yields


High demand


Fully managed


No stamp duty charges


Mature & stable market

Prime location

Quayside View Studios is perfectly located to meet the high student demand in the city with 118 self-contained studio & one-bedroom apartments in a prime location and within walking distance of Newcastle’s top universities.

This exciting new development will be located just 10 minutes’ walk from Newcastle’s two world class universities. The proximity to bars, restaurants, public transport and other amenities in the city makes Quayside View Studios a very attractive proposition for students looking for high quality accommodation in the heart of Newcastle.

Title Address Description
Quayside View Studios
Skinnerburn Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RH, UK

Quayside View Studios,
Skinnerburn Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Quayside View Studios, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3RH