Post-Lockdown league table shows where to find the best yields

2nd December 2020

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Post-Lockdown league table shows where to find the best yields

A new league table from comparison website Rentround shows how the lockdown has impacted yields around the country.

The site has analysed yields both before the major spring lockdown and thereafter.

Top of the table is Sunderland on 5.30 per cent followed by Liverpool on 5.22 per cent – but the site says both locations have experienced reductions in their average rental yields between when lockdown lifted and today. 

Sunderland’s rental yields have fallen by 0.37 per cent while Liverpool has a slightly larger reduction of 0.4 per cent.

Third in the table is Blackpool with a rental yield of 4.58 per cent – higher than pre-lockdown – while the biggest riser of all is Swansea. 

With a rental yield increase of 0.55 per cent since lockdown restrictions lifted, Swansea occupies sixth place in the league table – before lockdown it was 32nd. 

Unfortunately for Huddersfield, a 0.6 per cent fall in average rental yields means a drop of 32 places into 54th position in the overall yield table – the biggest faller.

The top 10 yields according to Rentround are:

  • Sunderland – 5.30 per cent yield; 
  • Liverpool – 5.22 per cent;
  • Blackpool – 4.58 per cent;
  • Cleveland – 4.55 per cent;
  • Swansea – 4.53 per cent;
  • Cardiff – 4.49 per cent;
  • Newcastle – 4.47 per cent;
  • Manchester – 4.46 per cent;
  • Llandudno – 4.40 per cent;
  • Bradford – 4.37 per cent.

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