Value of new homes delivered drops by £5bn year on year

4th May 2022

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Value of new homes delivered drops by £5bn year on year

Research by property developer, StripeHomes, has revealed that despite a 4.5% annual increase in new-build values, a -10.8% annual decline in the level of new homes reaching the market saw the total value of new homes delivered fall by -6.7% in the last year. 

StripeHomes analysed the change in new-build stock delivery and market values and how they’ve changed on an annual basis since the start of the pandemic. 

The research shows that 216,489 new homes were delivered to the property market across England in 2020/21, -10.8% less than the previous year. At the same time, the average value of a new-build home climbed by 4.5% to £318,196. 

This meant that the total value of new housing stock delivered to the market sat just shy of £69bn, a huge sum, but -6.7% less than the £74bn worth of new homes delivered the previous year. 

In fact, despite new-build values climbing across every region, a dip in stock delivered means that just two regions have seen an annual increase in the total value of new homes built. 

In the East Midlands, the total value of new-build homes delivered to the market sat at £5.6bn in 2020/21, 1.9% higher than the previous year despite the actual volume of new homes declining by -3.6%. 

The South West also saw a marginal increase of 0.8%, with the total value of new homes delivered last year hitting £7.4bn, again, despite a -4.2% annual decline in actual volume. 

In terms of the highest total value of new-build delivery, London tops the table where £18.5bn worth of new homes were delivered last year. 

Managing Director of StripeHomes, James Forrester, commented:

“The new-build sector has been working overtime to maintain stock delivery in what has been a couple of very challenging years for a whole number of reasons. 

Covid restrictions, labour shortages and the increasing cost of materials, amongst other things, have all posed problems for the nation’s housebuilders and so the knock on effect was inevitably going to be a dent to the volume of stock delivered. 

Even a pandemic property price boom hasn’t been enough to bridge the gap where the total value of this stock is concerned, although it’s fair to say they’ve still put in a  tremendous shift given the difficult circumstances and we take our hat off to them.”

Data Tables

New-build stock delivery data sourced from – Live tables on housing supply

Average new-build values sourced from – UK house price index

Total value of new-build stock delivered based on new-build stock multiplied by the average new-build house price. 

Table shows the annual change in new homes delivered in England
LocationNet additional dwellings 2019-20Net additional dwellings 2020-21Change Net additional dwellings 2019-20 vs 2020-21
East Midlands20,97920,223-3.6%
East of England28,01925,644-8.5%
North East9,6197,791-19.0%
North West33,48228,288-15.5%
South East41,10738,794-5.6%
South West24,27323,257-4.2%
West Midlands24,17519,310-20.1%
Yorkshire and the Humber20,17815,999-20.7%
Table shows the annual change in the average new-build house price across England
LocationNB ave price 2019-20NB ave price 2020-21Change NB ave price 2019-20 vs 2020-21
East Midlands£261,046£275,8165.7%
East of England£358,920£371,2133.4%
North East£186,916£195,8344.8%
North West£221,189£235,6646.5%
South East£373,228£386,8043.6%
South West£300,683£316,3045.2%
West Midlands£240,011£246,4812.7%
Yorkshire and the Humber£207,188£219,2425.8%
Table shows the annual change in the total value of new-build stock delivered across England
LocationTotal value of additional dwellings 2019-20Total value of additional dwellings 2020-21Change Total value of additional dwellings 2019-20 vs 2020-21
East Midlands£5,476,494,062£5,577,827,0491.9%
East of England£10,056,584,597£9,519,393,988-5.3%
North East£1,797,948,838£1,525,740,236-15.1%
North West£7,405,861,482£6,666,472,397-10.0%
South East£15,342,276,558£15,005,662,421-2.2%
South West£7,298,479,996£7,356,288,4940.8%
West Midlands£5,802,262,434£4,759,555,677-18.0%
Yorkshire and the Humber£4,180,632,524£3,507,660,264-16.1%

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